Saturday, November 09, 2013

Decisions, Car pool, and the Moon

Typing this on the iPhone app...

On my way home last night, thought I'd spend my time talking to God, which I should do more often by the way. The topic of decision-making came up. You know what he told me? Any decision will lead to something good.   Simple but profound. I hope that I've finally found the cure to my indecision.

6:55 PM, went through the toll booth. Since it was dark already and I had been stuck in traffic, I thought that it was past 7. I picked the car pool booth as it becomes a regular Fastrak lane after 7. Only after I had passed it when I realized that I just broke the law. Oops. Sorry. That dollar or so that I saved will go to my church tonight anyway.

Still last night, on our way home, we saw the moon like we'd never seen it before. It was huge and real close to the horizon. It was a dark yellow horizontal crescent. I may just be dumb but I thought the shadow cast by the earth was always vertical, no?  Maybe not. I guess it depends on the time of year and your location. Anyway, it was a sight to behold. I wanted to take a picture but my family didn't want me to as I was driving and there was no place to park. So I passed the house, hoping to catch it again somewhere else. Did see it once more but was partially covered by trees. But when we were finally in what I thought was a good position, it was gone. Just like that. Inside the house, I couldn't see it from any of our windows so I went out and walked around the neighborhood. But nope. It and the earth just moved way too fast. I was really devastated. Even got upset with my family for not letting me take the shot. But they were right. I just wished I took the shot when we saw it the second time. Oh well, whatever phenomenon it was, I'm thankful we got to witness it.