Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Four Blessed "Look"s

Just thought I'd share this.

Look back and "Thank" God.
Look forward and "Trust" God.
Look around and "Serve" God.
Look within and "Find" God!"

It was contained in an email forwarded to Jing by an old friend. It wasn't even the main attraction. The email contained jokes, lots of them. But somewhere at the bottom, I found this little treasure. Not sure why it was there. It seemed out of place but hey, I'm not complaining. :)

It summarizes what I've been learning (or trying to learn) all these years, and very creatively at that.

I now look back and thank God for sending it to me. I look forward to that time that you will read this and trust that it will inspire you and serve you well.

Namaste (and this is the God within me greeting the God within you),

P.S. Just a couple of updates:

  1. Jed has lost four of his baby teeth. He lost the fourth one on my birthday. It took a while after it became loose. We're talking weeks (I think). And he didn't want me to just yank it out. I tried on a couple of occasions but it would just start hurting at some point. So, we waited and waited until it became so loose that he himself could pull it out.
  2. Janelle had a deja vu last night. Well, I'm not completely sure she did but when I was changing her, she said it had happened before. I had to make sure it was deja vu by asking her if she just meant that she always had the same routine at night. She said that it really felt like it had already happened. Then she asked why she felt that way. I just said I didn't know because I really don't. I don't think anyone does. I have to google it one day.