Friday, December 07, 2007


Pardon the uncreative title. Serves me right for not posting more often. I end up posting about diverse stuff and not being able to come up with a good title to capture all of them.

Jed lost his first baby tooth the other day. And guess what, his tooth fairy(ies) was/were a little too generous. They didn't know that most other kids get just a quarter apiece. Lesson learned. ;)

Janelle has started going to preschool. One time, when I picked her up, there was this classmate who just started talking to the two of us. And he kept saying "he" when he was referring to Janelle. Janelle finally corrected him: "Actually, it's she". :)

Here are a couple more Janellisms.

We always forget that Thursday is her sharing day. Yesterday, when I picked her up, she said it was her sharing day. I said sorry and asked her what she had shared. "I shared my jacket." Hahaha! The teachers might have suggested it but it was really funny how she said it.

She didn't want to take a shower today. When her Lola said she'd tell her mom, she said, "She won't get super-mad." Yeah, just a little, sweetie. :)

Oh, and I now remember how she outsmarted me that one night. We were at the table having dinner and she was eating some salty food. And I told her too much of it wasn't good for her body. But during that time, she had just been advised by her pedia to eat salty stuff to retain liquid in her body. I believe that was when she was throwing up due to some virus. The thing was, we had forgotten about it. But she didn't. So she said, "But Daddy, Dr. xxx said I should eat salty food."

I think I now know where the Filipino word "tiyan" (tummy) might have come from - from the Chinese word "dantian", which points to some section in the tummy area. That's just my theory.

Here are some more:

1. "appear" - from "up here"
2. "bwisit" - from "b.s." (you know, the bad word)
3. "hirit" - from "hit it"
4. "susmaryosep" - obviously, from "Jesus, Maria, Joseph"

As you may know though, the Americans did get at least one word from Tagalog - "boondocks", from "bundok" (mountain).

How would you have titled this post? :)

'Til next time.