Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another post at last!

Man, I've been busy, busy, busy. So many things going on, both at work and outside. This is going to be quick. Let's see...

1. I passed Sun's SCJP exam. Yeah, I'm now certified by both Microsoft and Sun. The Java exam, although the coverage was narrower than Microsoft's 70-536, was actually tougher. In almost every question, among the choices were, "the code will not compile" and/or "there will be a runtime error". It's that picky. So, you really have to dissect the code to be sure. No wonder the passing is like what, 59%, I believe. They don't expect people to ace it. My score was 87% (if I remember it right) and I believe I had 9 mistakes (out of 72). Not bad, is it?

2. I'm now also a commissioned California Notary Public and a Certified Loan Signing Agent. Yeah, my non-technical alter ego. :) I've been busy preparing for my first loan signing, which I hope will happen soon. I didn't think the preparation was going to be a chore. But I'm now all set. There's just a couple more things I'm waiting on but they're not showstoppers. Bring it on!

3. Jed also has his own achievement. He's been promoted to Math 3. He's still in Grade 1, mind you. That's my boy! Oh, on Jeopardy, last week or so, he was able to answer another question. It was like, the part of the skull that houses the brain. He shouted, "Cranium!". And how right was he! While I knew "cranium", it didn't come to mind (no pun intended) at that time.

4. Janelle, too. She's now potty-trained. Yippee! Goodbye, diapers! Well, she still wears them at night just in case. Oh, she's got some funny moments. One early morning, we were in the kitchen. I asked her, "Why are you up so early?". And she replied, "I'm downstairs." Get it? Also, whenever she weighs herself and weighs more than last time, she would say "I win!". And that's because "win" is the opposite of "lose". She thinks losing weight is like losing in a game.

5. Speaking of weight, Jing has finally used the treadmill... once :) She's now also going to try to get back into the workforce now that my parents-in-law are here. Oh yeah, I had not mentioned that. They flew in January 12th. Anyway, you can do it, honey! I believe in you. :) (P.S. I'm referring to both the treadmill and the job hunt.) Btw, for some reason, whenever I lose weight, she also does. I exercise, she doesn't. I guess I'm exercising for her as well. Hmm, I wonder if I can make a profession out of that. Pay me to exercise for you. You'll lose weight. Guaranteed.

6. Where's George notified me that one of my bills got picked up again. However, as I type this, the site won't display the updated statistics so I can't go into the specifics. What I do remember is that the bill has gone to Iowa (I think) and it's now back in California. I believe I got the bill more than a year ago.

That wasn't quick, was it? k... time to snore. 'Til next update.