Thursday, November 09, 2006

Janelle's Quotable Quotes

One night, at the dining table, we talked briefly about the movie Flushed Away and how I thought it was similar to Finding Nemo in terms of how it was made (you know, animation that looks real) but in all honesty, I really had (and still have) no idea. So, here's how it went (kinda):

Me: I think Flushed Away is like the Nemo movie.
Jed: Okay, I don't remember a thing he said. I think he was describing the movie. All I remember was that he was being himself, talking too much :) that Janelle couldn't get a word in edgewise. Then, she finally had her chance...
Janelle: Daddy, Nemo is not a rat (or was it mouse?, obviously thinking that I said Nemo was also about a rat/mouse).

Just too cute. :)

One morning when she had to get up early to go with Jing to take Jed to school...

Janelle: I'm so sleepy.
Me: You're not so sleepy. You're Janellzky.
Janelle: But Janellzky is so sleepy.

She was serious and yet was so funny. :) I think we're starting to see signs that she's going to be smart, too. She can refer to herself in the third person, for one. :)