Friday, June 25, 2010


I keep seeing the number 37. For several weeks now. What's up with that? Will we finally get a windfall of $37,000,000? Thank you, Dear Lord! :) I also see the odd numbers 7, 9, and 11 quite a lot. Let me see... maybe on July 9, 2011, we'll win the lotto jackpot, which would be $37 million. Yep, that day is a Saturday. Superlotto day!

Some people I've talked to say they don't want to be super-rich. I do. I honestly do. We could do so much with that much money. Besides being financially free, we could help the people around us: family, friends, and the world. Philanthrophy, research, travel, more time with family, further pursuit of interests, etc. I guess we'll know for sure what we will do with that huge amount when we cross the bridge. And mind you, it's a "will" and a "when". Can't wait!

Gotta hit the treadmill now. Love and light to all.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dancing with the mirror

This is the first time that Jing and I followed "Dancing with the Stars" from the first episode. I don't remember why we were interested in checking it out. Could have been because of Pamela Anderson or Buzz Aldrin. Anyway, I even found it more interesting than American Idol (Jing's very very happy with Lee's win though). The Argentine Tango... wow! It seemed really funny at first... with all those leg swinging movements... but it ended up becoming my favorite dance (nope, I won't even try to learn it myself). And all three finalists chose it too for one of their final performances.

Nicole Scherzinger was really something. I had a feeling she had Filipino blood but didn't really bother looking her up until I saw her make the sign of the cross during the finals. So, after her win, I went straight to google and there you go, her dad's Filipino. Not that it mattered. Nicole and Derek made a GREAT team. Very creative. We looked forward to every one of their performances. I didn't even know Nicole. I knew a couple of Pussycat Dolls songs but had no idea which person that lead voice belonged to.

Anyway, enough about Nicole. The other topic, as the title suggests, is the mirror. One day, I just realized how I would always look at my left eye when looking in the mirror. When I tried looking at the right eye, I looked different, like a different person. I guess my two eyes don't look alike. So, now, I try to remind myself to look at the right eye. Maybe, by doing so, I would uncover more of my right brain... you know, the artistic, intuitive stuff. Maybe it's the key to finally knowing who we really are and what we're really here for. Hehe... this may strike you funny but I think it's worth "looking" into. Hmm, what if I should look at the point midway between the eyes? I'll try that, too. :) Anyway, if you're like me who tends to look at the left eye in the mirror, maybe it's time you tried looking at the other eye or somewhere in the middle.

'Til next post. Love and light.