Saturday, January 06, 2007


Forgot to say last time that our very nice next-door neighbors won 1st place in our city's Holiday Decorating contest!!! Yipee!!! They were even on the front page of one paper. They so deserve it! Did I mention they also decorated our front lawn? They have so much stuff they offered to decorate ours as well as that of their neighbor on the other side. And of course, we gladly accepted their offer. :) Actually, we might have been the ones who hinted at it. ;)

I have been unable to upload our latest pics to Yahoo! Photos :(. Not sure if it's because we have so much stuff there now (don't know of any limit though) or their servers are just acting up. Will try again later. If you can see our Legoland/Universal pics now, among others, then that means, I've uploaded them... obviously. (UPDATE: I've finally uploaded them. Enjoy the pics!)

Jing just alerted me to the fact that none of the archive links are working. Hopefully, a simple re-publishing will do the trick. If they still do not work, please try again later while I figure this thing out.... UPDATE: I've fixed it. When I switched to blogspot and back to as my host, my archive settings got messed up. I've corrected them.