Friday, June 13, 2008

The Echo and The Oak Trees

I know. Same old story. Busy, busy, busy. Just wanted to share the big news regarding Yam's Hollywood version of The Echo. The trailer is out!!!

I was going to embed it here by copying Yam's code but to avoid any legal issues, I'll just point you to
Yam's blog.

Another big news somewhat related to this is that I have finished my feature-length screenplay called "The Oak Trees". If you're reading this and is in need of a supernatural romance script, well, you're in luck, err, I'm the one in luck, I should say. :) It's been up on InkTip for a while. I recently made a few changes to a couple of scenes but have yet to upload the new version. (06/14 UPDATE: I have uploaded the new version.)

I have a long list of "to blog" but don't have time to work on them now. Next time.