Friday, May 06, 2005

Kelly Clarkson and notpron

This is not exactly an insight. Just a great discovery.

I found this site:

It's pretty cool. I think it gives the brain a good exercise. It can be a little frustrating though. I just found out about it today on, the Kelly Clarkson forum to be exact. :) (Isn't she great?) Someone was inspired by this riddle game and made their own version that focused on Kelly (somewhat). I thought I'd try the original instead. After just a couple seconds of googling, I found it.

I'm stuck on Level 4 though. :( It seems you have to have the luxury of time to go through this and the subsequent levels. The first three were somewhat easy. Well, we'll see how it goes. It's only my first day. So gimme a break, will ya? :)

If you'd rather do the Kelly version :), it's at:

Either way, have fun!


Hey! Hey! Hey! What do you know? Right after posting this, I went back and there it was, the answer just popped in. I just wasn't following the instruction. It was so clear. The google search was really necessary (at least for me). I'm on Level 5 now. Yoohoo! But it will need to wait. Time to spend some time with my family (Fyi, I didn't spend the whole day on the riddles. I had to work overtime). And I don't want to go to bed thinking about another seemingly unsolvable riddle. But then again, maybe I'll have a peek and maybe the answer will come to me in a dream. :)