Monday, October 23, 2006

Time Capsule

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We were at the pumpkin patch the other day with Mickee, Len, & Cail (did I spell that right? I can never remember how my own godson's name is spelled) and Arlene, Francis, & Alicia, who are visiting from Phoenix. I have yet to upload the pictures. Keep polling the photo galleries.

Short post today. L8r...

Monday, October 16, 2006

All About Jed

Hello! I thought I'd blog now before another busy week starts. It actually just did. I had to pause to answer some work email.

Where to start? Ah, Kumon. So, we had to stop Jed's Kumon since we had enrolled him in a school for the gifted. But we received an invitation for an awards ceremony and he was one of the awardees. Well, there were lots of them. But still. Anyway, he got a bronze medal for ranking 1000+ out of 10,000+ in his category (whatever it was). What weirded us out was that the longer you had been with Kumon, the "better" your medal was (i.e. silver, then gold). So, it seemed more like a loyalty award to us, than a real achievement award. Of course, they want people to be on board for a long time.

Another thing we had to stop was his karate lessons :(. His class was moved from Saturdays to Wednesdays. It doesn't work with his schedule anymore. So, we had to cancel. The good news is, we could now enroll him in Saturday swimming lessons. We actually did. We also enrolled Janelle... and me :). I know how to swim... well, a little. But if there's one thing that I really must learn (otherwise, I'd request a refund :)), it is treading, or if that's not the correct term, being able to float standing up with your head above water.

Ah, emails are pouring in at work... Gotta hurry.. Let me see, what's next?...

Jed just finished Math One (i.e. first-grade Math) and is now doing Math Two. And he's only a month into first grade. How about that? I guess his short stint at Kumon paid off. He had his what they call '"closing of the box" ceremony on his birthday. It was supposed to be earlier but due to an accident on the way to school (I got rear-ended again in slow traffic... I'm seriously starting to get slowtrafficophobia), we didn't get to school in time. So, it had to be postponed. I was more upset about Jed's missing the ceremony than the license plate marks left on my bumper. Grrr! But anyway, we did get to do it. And at the same time, he got his birthday song and birthday compliments from the students and teachers. I did not get to take any pictures as I was filming the whole thing instead and Jing was carrying Janelle.

That turned out to be a busy day. They also had their field trip to the library, then to a pizza parlor, then to a park. I was one of the drivers. Before the field trip, Jing, Janelle, and I passed the time at some nearby park. Then, after the field trip and before we picked Jed up again from school, we went to a nearby mall. Then, at home, we had to hurry because that night, we were to celebrate his birthday at a buffet restaurant. The kids had fun. We did, too. Oh by the way, if you're reading this and you were not invited, that's only because we invited only the ones who lived in the vicinity. It was on a weeknight so we didn't want anyone going home late and waking up late the next day. Seriously.

I guess that's about it. The photos for both the Kumon event and Jed's birthday are now up on the galleries.

k... Work begins now.