Thursday, January 31, 2008

We're Brothers Forever

While waiting for YouTube to send me my confirmation email, let me start writing this post. I missed Renaldo (or Reynaldo?) Lapuz' audition on American Idol. I only saw it on YouTube. And I was surprised to see other people "covering" it. So, I thought I'd share them with you, if you haven't seen them.

I was initially planning to embed the videos one by one but I thought I'd seen some blogs where they had some sort of slideshow at the bottom of the screen, allowing them to share a collection of videos in just one frame. So, here I am. I gave in and signed up for a YouTube account just so I could create a playlist. I'm just guessing that that's the feature I want. If not, well, it doesn't hurt to have a free account anyway.

Let me check my email now... brb.

k... I'm back. Here it is:

I hope it works. You're supposed to be able to hover your mouse over the bottom part of the window or just click the button right next to the Play/Pause button to see the other video "thumbnails". But I think they will just play in succession if you don't do anything.

This is just a sampling of what's out there. It's become quite a phenomenon... on YouTube at least. You'll see all sorts of covers... both serious and (very!) funny. They really cracked me up.

No offense to Mang Renaldo. I actually like the song. I can't make out the words toward the last part though. I don't think any of the above people do, either.

I'm quite envious, actually. People got to hear (and cover) his composition. Time to prep for next year's auditions. :)