Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Photo

Just wanted to make sure you notice our new family photo on the right. :) But that's about it for now. Sorry, my posts are few and far between. I cannot promise to post more often but I'll try (as usual).

Oh, I took out the link to Yahoo! Photos because it's no longer in service. Gotta find a new provider.

Oh, one more thing. Our friend Kristine recently forwarded me a link to a news article. Milla Jovovich just gave birth to a baby girl. They named her Ever Gabo. How about that? The comments posted by people were mixed. Some loved it. Others bashed it. The rest just didn't care. :) One interesting thing I learned, Ever is a common name in Latin countries. I never would have known. I've also confirmed that it is unisex. Some people even prophesied that it will become more and more popular in time. We shall see.

Oh, two more things. Hehe... Sorry, these things just keep popping in. Jed is being promoted to yellow-orange belt today. So I gotta hurry. I haven't taken a shower... too much information there. Janelle has started going to preschool. And she's doing mighty fine. She outsmarted me last night but I can't remember what it was that she said. I'll post again when I remember. I'm sure Jing or Mama does. I'll ask them.

Gotta run. Laters alligators. :)