Friday, October 16, 2009

Guapos and Guapas

We were at some burrito restaurant the other day and the restroom signs said "Guapos" and "Guapas". Pretty creative. However, I thought, what if someone who's... say, not good-looking and they know/admit that they're not and they don't have any sense of humor whatsoever get offended by those signs and sue the restaurant? I wouldn't be surprised.

Last week's episode of Smallville totally reminded me of 28 Days Later. Even the very first scene where Clark woke up all by himself. That's how the lead dude's (whose name escapes me right now) first scene was, only, he was naked. And that guy actually looks a bit like Tom Welling, too. Let me look his name up... brb...k, back... he's Cillian Murphy. He was also in Red Eye with that dudette.... ah... Rachel McAdams.

The other night, Jed said he had memories of when he was a toddler but they were not first person memories.... haha... I asked him why and he said it was because they're from the home videos that he had seen. Very true... and very smart. Reminded me (again) of Heroes. Nathan was having all these memories that didn't feel like his. If you follow the show, you know why.

That's about it for now, guapos and guapas... and yes, that includes you so don't sue me! :)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Janelle moves on to Math 2

Janelle had her closing of the book ceremony the other Friday, moving on to Math 2. Good job, sweetie!

That's it for this post... hehe...

Well, speaking of Math, there's actually a site for Grades K-12 that you might want to check out. It's called MINDsprinting. It's not just for Math. It will also hone your child's reading skills. It's like Kumon but it's FREE! And customer service is A+. I got answers to my queries in less than 24 hours. Try it out. You got nothing to lose, well, except for paper and printer ink/toner, since, unlike Kumon, you print your own test materials. But I don't mind that at all!

That's really about it. Buenas noches! Amor y luz! (I think that's right :))