Friday, September 14, 2007

UFO's and The Echo

Ever since I saw that Hubble Deep Field video (see my earlier post just a couple of days ago), thoughts about life on other planets have been "haunting" me. Gotta nip this in the bud or I'd go crazy. Well, I don't have to forget about it. But I definitely have to stop obssessing about it.

Anyway, so, I thought of googling UFO's and I found one very comprehensive site, UFO Casebook. It has links to photos and videos, among others. And one thing that really caught my attention was the recent sightings here in California. But from what I've read, it seems to be man-made. You be the judge. The whole story is on Isaac's site. It's a long read. I've only scanned some of it actually but it's really, really interesting.

On another topic, I recently found out about a Filipino horror movie being remade in Hollywood. Well, it's being shot in Canada and New York. I haven't seen the original (Sigaw) but some friends have and they said it was good. Here's a link to the director's blog. Yes, the same Filipino guy is directing the Hollywood version, Direk Yam Laranas... hehe... he doesn't want to be called "Direk", I've learned. Iza Calzado will be playing the same role she did in the original while Jesse Bradford will be the lead, which was played by Richard Gutierrez. I look forward to seeing this. I should see the original first. It should be fun comparing the two versions.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We are not alone.

I honestly believe that. And I believe that even more now that I've just seen this video:

The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken

Warning: There's a brief comic intermission sometime around 1.5 minutes into the clip. I had to fast-forward to skip it so I'm not sure if there was anything objectionable. I doubt it.

Our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, are but teeny tiny parts of the universe. So, there's a strong likelihood that one of the other planets out there is like Earth, possibly way more advanced than us. While I was watching the video, I actually teared up when I realized that we could have gazillions of brethren out there, just like us. Isn't that a fascinating thought? It reminded me of the movies Stargate and of course, Contact. I wonder if psi can help us communicate with them. This interconnectedness among all of us should extend beyond the Milky Way. I actually honestly think we can communicate with them remotely. K... I'm going to stop right here lest you think I'm going crazy. I've read enough about "consciousness" these past few years that I could spend an entire day or more blogging about it. But I choose not to at this point. Let's not go there yet. :)

Oh, by the way, I also read about this new Earth-like planet encircling the red dwarf star Gliese 581 that was discovered just this year. So, I guess we're getting closer to finding out.

The Universe never ceases to amaze me. I hope It does the same to you.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007


k... The first P is Pops Fernandez. I saw her at Linens 'N Things yesterday. Jing didn't since she was at the cashier paying. We had eye-to-eye contact. I had been hearing three Pinays talking while I was looking at something... I forget what it was. Then, I looked up and right across from me was Pops, also looking at me, smiling. My face was like, "Oh, you're Pops". After a second or so, we both looked away. I bet she had been waiting for me to look her way. :) Yeah, I have that effect on women. I remember Harlene Bautista stealing a second look back in UP. Hehe... k... stopping the self-flattering now.

Pops looked real pretty and actually looked younger than me. I'm pretty sure she's a few years older. She looked real petite, too. I thought she was tall. I guess I'd look tall on TV, too. :) Makes me wonder (Maroon 5 song in the background) whether it was really her. She and Kuh will have a concert in Reno (I think) so it's highly probable it was her.

The second P is Publishers Clearing House, or PCH for short. I ended up buying a couple of items for Jed and Janelle last night and man, what burden it was! How do they expect people to put up with all those instructions? Well, I did but that's only because I really wanted those items. I had to put six stickers on six different places. Why oh why do we need those steps? I just don't get it, except maybe, to let people miss something and that would be ground for disqualification in the event that they win.

I have a third P due to the second one but I'll keep it to myself. :)

Oh, I do have another "P"... pocket. I have been shopping around for a front pocket wallet (I'm a recent convert) and ran into the Slimmy ones by I'm thinking of getting the ViewSlimmy. Quite pricey but the reviews on Amazon are good. Nothing came up on eBay though. I saw some "ALL-ETT"'s on there but I don't like that look. (Update: I also just found Now I can't decide.)

Peace (another P and last one for this post... ooh, there's another),

09/05 Update: After much agonizing over the matter, I decided to get WalletBe (the classic one with the outer id). I kinda still like having individual slots for my cards. Plus, the founder of Dimo Gear himself, Mr. Dimataris, replied to my inquiries. I also had one very kind gentleman help me out by even taking a picture of the inside of his own WalletBe (same type I ordered) for me. I haven't heard anything from the Koyono folks. :( I'm still itching to try Slimmy though. Oh well. Maybe later.

09/06 Update: Koyono support has responded to my inquiry. Fyi, if they haven't updated their site, for the ViewSlimmy, you fold the bills in half, not in thirds. Must have been a copy & paste error from the SlimSlimmy page. Well, it's too late anyway for me, unless WalletBe turns out to be not right for me. They have a 30-day return policy. We'll see.

09/11 Update: I got my WalletBe two days after my order. Impressive, eh. It's good. I got rid of my Safeway card (since I can punch in my home phone number anyway) and the Blockbuster card (since they've gotten rid of the ability to trade online envelopes with store rentals, at least for the cheaper plans... like mine), among others. I also got rid of one of my ATM cards since I plan to close that bank account eventually anyway. What else? Ah, I had to part with the photos. :( That's the sad part. But I did make sure I had at least one photo of the four of us. So, I ordered a wallet size of a recent family picture.

My only complaint is the elastic band for the cash. It's not easy at all to stick the cash back in there. I always have to find a table to rest the wallet on. I don't know if I'll develop a technique in time. With the Slimmys, it looks easy. Oh, the card slots are tight but according to Dimo Gear, they should get looser in about thirty days of regular use.

That's about it. I got something to share today but I will add a new a post for it.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Australian Father's Day!!!

We just learned from my bro-in-law who's visiting with his family from Australia that today, Sept. 2nd, is Father's Day in Australia. So, Happy Father's Day to all fathers, Australian or not! :)

It's been a long time, hasn't it? As usual, my excuse is that there have been so many things going on. Life on earth is lightning-paced!

Nothing much. Just thought I'd post something since I added a link to Blingo on the left hand side of this page. If you use Google a lot for your searches, might as well switch to Blingo. It uses Google as the search engine. The twist is that, you may win a prize just by searching. Interested? Join now by clicking on the image. Every time you win a prize, I'll win the same prize. Same thing when you refer your friends. When they win a prize, you win the same prize.

We were at CPK the other day and Jed mistakenly said "California Pizza Chicken". Hahaha... Jing and I make that mistake all the time. I guess we're not the only ones. And I'm now surer than ever that a lot of people do. I wonder why we tend to say "Chicken" instead of "Kitchen".

Speaking of chicken, we were at Great America yesterday and had lunch at some Maggie's chicken house inside there. The fried chicken was supposed to be "famous" according to the big sign plastered on the front of the restaurant. But I didn't think it was any special. In fact, I like Chicken Joy from Jollibee better. I wondered whether there was a real Maggie. Maybe they just made her up to create the "old-fashioned homemade" ambiance. I did like the setting. We were by the window and took great shots, IMO, of them, once in color and again, in sepia. They looked great.

Speaking of pictures (nice segues today, Ever!), Yahoo! Photos is being discontinued... or has been. So, our photo galleries are probably down. I will look for a replacement provider.

Okie. That's about it for now.