Friday, August 19, 2005

notpron Update & Noisy Microwave Oven Doors

It's been months, I know. :) Well, what do you know? The day I found out about notpron, I got up to level 6 but was stuck there. And then I forgot all about it. And just today, I decided to visit it again while waiting for some build to finish. Got through the first four pretty quickly. I had to "google" again for level 5 as I had forgotten the login credentials (sorry, tech speak) to get out of there.

As for level 6, expectedly, I was stuck for several minutes, until I unintentionally found a couple of forums where other people gave out more clues. So, I guess I cheated a little by proceeding to read them. They did not really gave anything away but they did help, admittedly. So, I'm on level 7 now. Yoohoo!

The build is done. So, back to work.

Oh, btw, I'd been meaning to blog this. I've just always wondered why microwave oven doors have to make so much noise when you open or close them. Can't they make noiseless ones? Or maybe they have and I just haven't seen one? Or is there a specific reason why they have to be that way? It's not like thieves would try to microwave something in the middle of the night and so, we would like to be waken up by it.