Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heroes and Smallville

My current favorite show, NBC's Heroes, had its season finale last night. It was good. It was sad that the Petrelli brothers had to die. Or did they? We'll see next season, won't we? My theory is that Peter will regenerate and Nathan let him go before he exploded.

I just have the following gripes:

1. Why couldn't Peter fly by himself? k... Someone said on one board that they thought he could only use one power at a time. That could be why. I wish it was more explicit because I'm sure other people are wondering about it, too.

2. Why couldn't Sylar stop Hiro? They could have just let Hiro kill him by surprise. That would have been believable. He could stop the bullets but not Hiro? Or maybe Hiro stopped time. If he did, it wasn't obvious.

3. Did Sylar come back to life and escape down the manhole? Why wouldn't any of them wonder where he was? I'm sure next season's first episode will explain it, too... I hope.

Can't wait for the DVD... and the next season.

CW's Smallville, another one of the few shows I regularly watch, also had its season finale last Thursday. Actually, I'm not sure whether there's a part two of the finale episode. Anyway, for the first time, we saw Chloe's power, which I think is reviving sick/dead people with her tears. But it seems to drain life off her. We also saw the "birth" of Bizarro. Who else would it be, right? Oh, and I don't think Lana died. The white (ice cream?) truck was there for a reason. Lana's learned a lot from the Luthors. :)

One very small gripe I have is that Lionel didn't know that the kryptonite would actually make "Bizarro" stronger. I thought he knew everything that Jor-El did, no? Maybe Jor-El didn't, either.

I hope there's another season to look forward to.

Monday, May 21, 2007

We got birds!

I just realized that I hadn't posted in a while. This is just to let you guys know that I'm still here. I haven't forgotten about our blog. It's just that there have been so many things going on. It's been crazy.

Oh, one thing that I should mention now before I forget about it (goes and changes title of this entry). We had a couple of birds that tried to nest on top of our fountain in our front porch. When we got home from South Lake Tahoe (where we met up with my college friend, Cynths and her family), we found twigs all over the floor and on the fountain, both on the top ledge and in the water vase (whatever they're called). We thought, either some kid(s) vandalized our porch or birds were trying to nest and got startled when the fountain turned on in the morning. The latter theory was right as the next day, the birds were back. The dad-to-be would fly away every time we opened the door to peek. But the future mom would just stay there sitting and staring back at us. She was so cute. I was even able to capture them on film and take pictures.

We couldn't decide what to do. I had to google about it and found opposing views. Someone mentioned the name "mourning doves" and I instantly thought, hmm, she did look like a dove to me. So, I searched for images and found that they were indeed mourning doves. Among other things, I learned that they're not very good at building a stable nest. That explains the twigs all over the place.

Eventually, my mother-in-law shooed them off and they never came back. I was kinda hoping we could make it work out. You know, they could pay us rent for the use of our porch... heh. Seriously, it would have been nice to host them. However, the place they picked would not be safe. The eggs or the chicks, once hatched, could easily fall into the water or onto the ground. They'd probably not attack us since, another thing I learned, they're not known to do that. I even saw some images by someone who was in the same situation. Unlike us though, he got to keep them in his porch and take pictures until the little ones were full-fledged. Very cute. I'm kinda envious.

Oh well, I did learn a lot about their kind. It was very interesting. Every time the male bird flew, I thought I heard him chirping. It was actually his wings "whistling". Although I didn't hear them sing their song that earned them their name, I heard a sample online. I thought, I'd heard it a lot in movies. Pretty cool, actually.

I hope they have found a better place.