Sunday, May 22, 2011

Judgment Day... not!

I have a bunch of other things to blog. I'd normally add any new stuff to my "to-blog" list before it gets on here but I have to post this one now before it gets stale.

In the latest issue of "The Week", they said it was a good week for the human race because the end of the world did not happen yesterday. But there was an Editor's Note saying they filed the item several days earlier and would print a correction if it was wrong. Don't know if it was meant to be a joke but if it did happen, how would they be able to print the correction?

Btw, yesterday happened to be Janelle's First Communion, too. Earlier on, Jed asked, "Isn't it ironic that Janelle's First Communion and a friend's son's Christening [names intentionally withheld] are happening on Judgment day"?

Fortunately, our good Lord did not let the latter happen. Or maybe something did end and we are now in the new world. Nothing but good stuff now. What? It pays to be optimistic.

Love and light to all,