Friday, September 03, 2010


It's a 3-day weekend. Heh, that's just my excuse so I could have a good title. As usual, my to-blog list kept getting longer and longer. I got time now so let me take advantage of it.

Jing keeps getting these new baby offers and even milk samples. What's up with that? Either someone used her name to sign up for something or these baby product manufacturers are assuming we have a new one since Janelle is now almost seven. I have no clue.

We saw the American Idol concert last month... Jing's super ecstatic because she got to shake Lee DeWyze's hands. We actually got to see all ten of them up close after the concert and got them to autograph our tickets. I took pictures, too. But sadly, we had nothing but the iPhone. So the pictures were bad. Better than nothing.

Tim Urban was wearing this red watch which I suspected was a G-Shock. So I asked him and he confirmed it was. He said they gave it to him at the show. So, that night, I looked for red (and anything not black for that matter) G-Shocks all over the Internet. The red ones were not solar AND atomic. So, no, I'm not getting it. I might get a white one. Not sure when.

Janelle lost her first baby tooth on August 17th. It wasn't supposed to be the first one. Our dentist warned us that it might take a long time (could be years) for the replacement permanent tooth to come out since it wasn't ready yet. But it is making its way out. I'm so relieved! She lost the second one on September 1st. It actually had to be extracted because it still wasn't loose enough but the permanent tooth was growing fast behind it.

Speaking of Janelle, she was in a play in school. If I didn't blog about it, she and Jed were in another play a few weeks ago. We're so proud of them. I goofed with the filming though. I didn't get to film the last scenes I think and the bows and applauses at the end. I thought that it was recording all along. :(

More Janelle... she had a surprise visit from one of her best friends (if not THE best friend) a couple of weeks ago. We actually picked her up at her house and then her dad picked her up in the afternoon. Sadly, the other playdate we said they'd have hasn't materialized due to so many things going on here. And they're back in school next week!

K... for the big news regarding my singing career outside of church... hehe... Kuya Jong and I were front acts for Kuya Romy's musical play. Well, it wasn't his, per se. He and Bong acted and sang and danced and whipped!!! I had to look for songs to sing because I didn't really have a repertoire. I had to buy songs online. I ended up buying "Falling Slowly", "Hallelujah" (hence, the title :)), and "To Make You Feel My Love". I got to sing the first two on the first night. I was nervous with the first one but got to shake it off with the second one, mostly due to the crowd participation that the song just naturally lends itself to. Second night, we had the choir dinner dance so we didn't get to sing. Third night, just one song each. "Hallelujah" again, of course. Many of the choir members were present in the audience and were of course the loudest among the "Hallelujuah"'ers... Thanks, guys!

Among the choir members who were there were Kuya Arnie and Ate Sonia, who have recently moved to SoCal. :( But they'll still come visit us every now and then so that's cool! If you guys are reading this, hello! :)

Lastly, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We were there last weekend and what fun it was! Each of us genuinely had lots of fun! We got to bowl. And got on rides that were just different. Jed coerced me to get on stuff that I didn't think I ever would and could. Fireball, hello! And the glider thing... only, you're just going round and round. And the cyclone, when I saw it from a distance, I thought it would be the scariest but even small kids are allowed. That's because the centrifugal force pushes people against the wall so there's no way you would fall. You don't even have to hold on to anything. Jing and I also enjoyed the yummy but super-hot fried cheesecake. What else? Basta... It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (however it's spelled)!

That's about it! Happy Labor Day weekend!