Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From humming to strumming

The day after my most recent blog, the hummingbirds were gone. In the morning, one of them was still there. By afternoon, it was an empty nest. I hope they did fly away... as opposed to... you know... We still see hummingbirds visiting our backyard every now and then (saw one over lunch today). I would like to think it's one of them (or the parents).

There's also this cat that visits our backyard. We saw it look up the juniper tree one time. It may have been responsible for the baby finches' demise. :(

One night, I was telling Jed how the Magnolia flower reminded me of vanilla ice cream. He asked, is that why there's a brand of ice cream (at least in the Philippines) called "Magnolia"? Never thought of that.

When we were in Monterey recently, he asked if it meant "Mountain King". Again, never thought of that. :)

On Mother's day (and the day before), the kids (including our very own, of course) sang "Through the Window" with us during communion. After the song, they distributed roses to the mothers. Janelle was holding the very last flower and there were three mothers still standing by her. I actually couldn't see her. I just heard laughter. She couldn't decide which one to give it to. I could just imagine her face. So cute. :)

On May 9th or 10th (depending on the time of my dream), for the first time ever, I finally understood a message from my intuition. I guess I'd been thinking too much about which stock to buy next (with our paltry investment amount). I heard someone (Celine Dion herself maybe) singing "... What do you say to taking chances?..." Then, I saw us having fun on some type of water slide... Since I didn't understand it, my intuition came up with another way of saying "it"... I saw people (including myself, I think) doing the "wave" at a concert. Then, it clicked. It's telling me to take chances with "waving stocks" (a.k.a. rolling stocks)... or not. That's the thing, I wasn't sure whether it was encouraging me. It did feel like it though.

Speaking of intuition, Jing told me yesterday how she was trying to pass a truck but couldn't and ended up missing her turn. She had to take a different route and right after she crossed an intersection, people started putting road blocks (I guess, to prep for some construction work). She thinks (and I agree) she was made aware of that so that she'd know which route to avoid in the afternoon when she picks up the kids from school.

Back to May 10th... that night... I finally started doing something with my new guitar. I was able to play "Leaving on a Jet Plane" and "Amazing Grace". Same chords over and over so they were really easy. But I really need to work on my strumming. The left hand was quite easy. I think my fingers still remember. I learned guitar back in college but did not follow through. And my strumming never really got good. I bought my first guitar using the money I got for
Pinapangarap, which, as you may know, is my composition that was recorded by Manilyn Reynes. Hopefully, my other songs (well, the good ones) will also get published someday. I send love and light to that dream.

And love and light to you all,